Hiroaki Takagi, Ph.D.
(Aug. 25, 2023, updated)

Senior Assistant Professor
Department of Physics, School of Medicine, Nara Medical University
Visiting Scientist of BDR, RIKEN

E-mail : takagi at naramed-u.ac.jp
Phone : +81-744-22-3051-2270

Publications/ Links

Research Fields:
Biophysics, Non-linear science, Complex systems

Membership of Academic Societies:
  • The Biophysical Society of Japan
  • The Biophysical Society
  • The Physical Society of Japan
  • The Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology
  • Japanese Society for Quantitative Biology

  • Publications

    Spontaneous Movement, Fluctuation, Sensing Strategy of Cells & Organisms

    Polymorphism, Kinetics, Cooperative behaviors of Signaling Proteins

    Differentiation, Evolution, Symbolization : Construction by Multi-Component Reaction-Diffusion System

    Conferences Organized by me & my Colleagues